road & frost

Robert Frost could choose.
Which road? Right or left? Which, which?
No decision here.



Nau•til•us: an Approximate Creature

Nautilus, chambered.
Mathematics? Not really.
By nature only.

Smells more like…
Ah…normal distribution
(Of golden spirals).

You could look it up.
FIBONACCI? Not really.
Logarithmic coil?

Not exactly. Else
One or the other would fit.
Only nature fits.


Biology Lesson


Shasta daisy—
Easy to grow,
Invasively spreads in the garden.

With little or no encouragement it will take
over whole plots. Standing tall, flaunting a pure white flower; nothing eats it.

Luther Burbank took some fifteen years getting the purest white color he loved by old fashioned genetic engineering of four species.

Look closely at the flower’s gorgeous, yellow center. See the perfect whorl. Count the petals. For my flowers I often find thirty four. Could Luther have counted or would he have cared? Fibonacci—biology.